Geotechnical Data Management: Real-Time Data Monitoring System Types & Uses

Geotechnical Data Management is an intricate and comprehensive data management system. It is a centralized station for assessing the collective information regarding any site.

It incorporates archived data, application software, an inventory of hazards, ranking matrices and so much more. Let’s go down to the basics and learn what exactly it means and what else is there in the data management system.


What is Geotechnical Data Management?

Geotechnical Data Management

With our integrity and limitless technology, Encardio Rite stands out with its innovative geotechnical data management solutions. Being the leading service provider, Encardio Rite offers an advanced geotechnical data management system that is adaptable and versatile. The software can collect data from multiple sources used in hydroelectric, tunnel, high-rise structures, bridges, mining, nuclear power, and landslide applications.

It can correlate data from various sources and sensors like structural, environmental, and geotechnical sensors; automatic total station, GNSS, and Tunnel Boring Machines (TBM). Our reliable services are not limited to this. The system is scalable and versatile for both water resource monitoring solutions and civil engineering/construction projects.


What is a Real-Time Data Management System?

Real-Time Data Management System

Ask any expert professional, and they will tell you that the most important component of any geotechnical data management system is a web-based data monitoring and presentation tool. Encardio Rite offers a Web-based Data Monitoring System (Real-Time) which is one of the World’s finest data management platforms that can collect and process large amounts of data to provide meaningful information at fingertips, 24×7, with instant alarms on critical events. The early warnings help in taking timely corrective actions to prevent damages, minimizing delays and operational costs.


Advantages of Geotechnical Data Management Software

Encardio Rite’s data management software has several highlighting features and a few of them are:

  • A single platform for comprehensive project data allows rapid evaluation, interpretation, and decision-making.
  • Single portal to manage multiple projects 
  • User-defined multiple graphs on a single screen provide visual insight for analysis.
  • Variety of visualization and analysis tools to identify potential failure scenarios. 
  • Data validation and Outlier Screening are available which is a powerful feature to filter out extreme values based on defined formula limits 
  • Limitless space for data storage, cost-efficient and user-friendly for day-to-day operations.
  • Multiple authorized users in different locations can communicate via a web browser. They can access and view any real-time data/changes, graphs, or reports from any project site.
  • Real-time multiple alarm setting, sent through emails and SMS to all authorized users, ensures no critical information is missed.
  • Users can generate comprehensive reports or customized reports quickly. 
  • Easily accessible results via smartphones and tablets.


Types of Real-Time Data Monitoring Systems Offered

Encardio Rite offers three kinds of data monitoring systems namely: DRISHTI and OPSIS and TerraWeb

1. Drishti – Data Monitoring System

Drishti - Data Monitoring System

Encardio Rite has developed a web-based real-time automated monitoring system called Drishti. It collects data and vital information from different sensors that are used in the projects. It accepts inputs from various dataloggers that help in providing access on a single platform. It offers an interactive user interface, taking care of all database interactions automatically.

With Drishti, you get essential and real-time data at your fingertips for risk management. All key information can be viewed at a glance on customized screen options. The data can be presented in desirable formats, including dynamic charts, which is a very useful tool. It helps in analyzing and correlating the readings from multiple sensors, to analyze if any variation occurs.

Drishti Monitoring System

While the list is not exhaustive, Drishti also offers Google navigation providing sensor locations with the latest data status, graph zoom-in view on both the X-axis, Y-axis, and Y-axis scaling for close inspection, comprehensive reports, history of logged data, moving average facility, etc. Virtual variable calculations are also available for corrections (temperature effect etc.) and re-calibration of the sensor.

temperature effect

You don’t require any special software to access Drishti,  as data from the project sites can be viewed on laptops, smartphones, and tablets with any standard web browser.

2. OPSIS – Laser Scanning Data Software

Laser Scanning Data Software

Encardio Rite has always played a key role in being a game-changer. Here, Encardio Moniterra Group came up with something that was never heard or seen before. OPSIS is a revolutionary data analysis software. This futuristic software processes the 3D data collected by a laser scanner.

We usher in the new era of sustainable structural deformation monitoring and OPSIS is going to be the key reason behind it. It is capable of optimizing a huge quantity of data from the laser scanner. It delivers an analysis directly from the 3D data for accurate and fast monitoring of deformations.


There are various advantages to this laser scanning data software. OPSIS is cost-efficient as it saves both time and resources. While monitoring deformation, each and every moment counts and OPSIS lowers risk by letting the users evaluate it in a single glance. Despite having an excellent speed, OPSIS covers all the environmental effects evenly.  

3. Terraweb – Data Monitoring System


Terraweb is also a web-based monitoring platform offered by Encardio Rite. Being an advanced data management system, Terraweb aims to give a real-time view of the site situation. It is a unique platform where users can access maps, charts, & data of surveying points and geotechnical instruments of a monitoring project.

Web-Based Monitoring

Terraweb is especially useful during tunneling as accepts inputs from different types of dataloggers, automatic total stations as well as from the TBM (tunnel boring machines). Tunnel excavation is associated inevitably with ground loss, and high-pressure conditions which, in turn, results in associated ground movement. It is important, therefore, to closely monitor the TBM parameters when tunneling, especially through urban areas. Through our software, we can integrate the essential parameters from the TBM with the monitoring data to provide essential information.  This helps in making quick evaluations and decisions for risk management.

Encardio Rite is known for offering a complete spectrum of services and when it comes to geotechnical data management and real-time data monitoring systems, we have excelled with futuristic and innovative technology. For a more comprehensive and detailed look at our achievements, look out for this space.

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