Groundwater Monitoring

Groundwater is a critically important global resource. It requires careful monitoring, protection, and management. Monitoring of groundwater level/table and its recharge has become a mandatory requirement at several places all over the world.

Water beneath the earth's surface needs to be monitored for two reasons:

  • Groundwater table mapping for Hydrology
  • Groundwater level and pore water pressure variation measurement as part of geotechnical monitoring during construction of large civil engineering projects

Groundwater measurements can be made using different types of instruments. Choosing the right type of instrument depends on factors such as the reason for monitoring, the accuracy of the measurement, and the type of pumping activity. Encardio Rite offers both vibrating wire and mechanical types of groundwater monitoring instrumentation for groundwater level monitoring, pore pressure variation monitoring at any construction site, as well as for groundwater table mapping across a wide geographic area.

Our automated groundwater monitoring systems are extensively used for long-term continuous monitoring and stand-alone installations.  A variety of solutions are available ranging from unattended maintenance-free monitoring of a few boreholes at the site to statewide monitoring of hundreds of boreholes from a central location.

Our dataloggers have the advantage of having two-way communication which reduces field costs considerably by providing easy remote access for an update and maintenance of the system.


Parameters monitored

  • Pore pressure
  • Water level
  • Groundwater table mapping
  • Rainfall

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