Seepage Monitoring

Water seepage is the name given to the phenomenon when the water flows from one place to another via little holes or porous material. It usually occurs after heavy rainfall and might create hydrostatic pressure against the foundation of any structure. It is, therefore, very essential to measure the water seepage and to understand and predict the behaviour of the structure. It is used for dam monitoring as the quantity of water seeping through, around, or under a dam is of great importance in analysing the structural behaviour of a dam.

For measuring seepage, the drain water is taken through collection channel(s) for discharge downstream of the dam. The collection channel/channels are terminated in a collection chamber where the discharge is accurately measured with a ‘V’ notch and a water level measurement system.

To measure discharge over the weir accurately, the head over the weir is measured with a vibrating wire-level sensor. Generally, to avoid water level variations caused by waves, turbulence, or vibration, the headwater level should be measured in a stilling well-constructed upstream of the weir in the collection channel.

Encardio Rite offers two different sensors for water seepage measurement.

Model ESM-12S is a digital seepage monitoring system designed for precision measurement and monitoring of seepage in dams or water flow in open channels. The seepage or the flow rate data provided by the weir and seepage monitoring system gives important information for analyzing the long-term stability of the dam. It is extremely easy to install and configure and allows long-term reliable monitoring, with the least maintenance cost.

Model ESM-10 V-notch weir is an integral part of the seepage monitoring system. It is designed to measure seepage of water through, around, or under an earth dam as well as concrete dams. It is one of the oldest, simplest, and most reliable devices used to measure the quantity of flow of water.

The weir is available in different sizes and angles, depending on application (rate of flow) and project requirements. It is made of high-quality stainless steel material.

Digital Seepage Monitoring System


Model ESM-12S

Digital Seepage Monitoring System

V-Notch Weir for Seepage Monitoring


Model ESM-10

V-Notch Weir for Seepage Monitoring

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