Tilt Meter

Tilt meter or Beam Sensor is used to monitor vertical rotation, deflection, & deformation of diaphragm & retaining walls. Encardio Rite is the world’s leading manufacturer and supplier of affordable, accurate, robust, and reliable tilt meters, as well as, beam sensors.

Tilt in any structure can be caused by various construction activities like excavation, tunneling, or de-watering that may negatively affect the ground that supports the structure.

Tilt changes can also occur due to the loading of the structure, such as the loading of a dam during impoundment, a diaphragm wall during excavation, or, a bridge deck due to wind and traffic.

The data captured from the tilt meter gives an early warning of threatening deformations, allowing time for corrective action.

Applications of Tilt Meter and Beam Sensors:

  1. Monitoring vertical rotation, deflection, and deformation of diaphragm & retaining walls.
  2. Monitoring inclination and rotation of dams, piers piles, etc.
  3. Monitoring structures for the effects of tunneling and excavation.
  4. Monitoring the stability of structures in landslide and earthquake-prone areas.
  5. Monitoring tunnels for convergence and other movements.
  6. Evaluating the performance of bridges & struts under load.


Encardio Rite Offers the following range of Tilt Meters:

1. Model EAN 70M - Portable Tilt Meter:

The EAN-70M portable tilt meter incorporates a sensor based on precision MEMS accelerometer technology. It is housed in a rugged frame with machined surfaces that facilitate accurate positioning on the tilt plate. This portable tilt meter is suitable for monitoring changes in the inclination of a structure.

2. Model EAN 90M - Analog Tilt Meter:

Model EAN-90M tilt meter consists of a MEMS sensor, mounted inside a stainless steel housing. The sensor SS enclosure is welded using an electron beam welding technique, with a vacuum of 1/1000 Torr inside it. The sensor provides a relatively low-cost system that offers excellent resolution, long-term stability, and low thermal sensitivity.

3. Model EAN 91M - Box Type Analog Tilt Meter:

Model EAN-91M is used as a beam sensor for monitoring differential movement and rotation in structures. It is also used for monitoring the deflection and deformation of retaining walls. The EAN-91M tilt meter output is 4 V nominal at ± 15°. This output can be transmitted over long distances without any signal degradation.

4. Model EAN 92M - Digital Tilt Meter:

The Encardio Rite model EAN-92M is an advanced digital tilt meter designed to monitor inclination and vertical rotation in structures in real time. It is a high-resolution tilt meter, rugged in construction, and has excellent temperature stability.

5. Model EAN 93M - Box Type Digital Tilt Meter:

Model EAN-93M box-type digital tilt meter consists of a uniaxial MEMS sensor mounted inside a compact, weatherproof enclosure. These tilt meters are suitable for monitoring small changes in the inclination and vertical rotation of structures.

6. Model EAN-93M/EAN-93M-B - Box-type Tilt Beam Sensor:

The Encardio Rite model EAN-93M/EAN-93M-B box-type tilt meter and beam sensor are suitable for monitoring small changes in the inclination and vertical rotation of structures. The Model EAN-93M tilt meter (box type) is equipped with an SDI-12 digital interface such that all sensors can be connected through a single bus cable to the compact automatic data logger.

7. Model EAN 95MW - Wireless Tilt Meter with RF Transmission:

The tilt meter is a standalone unit in a weatherproof compact enclosure and provides reliable and high-resolution readings with long-term stability. It is interfaced with the long-range, low-power wireless radio frequency network that allows tilt meters to send recorded data to the Gateway. The Gateway then uploads all the collected sensor data to the central/cloud server.

8. Model ESDL-30MT - Wireless Tilt Meter with GPRS/GSM Transmission:

ESDL-30MT wireless tilt meter consists of one uniaxial or biaxial MEMS tilt sensor mounted inside an automatic SDI-12 digital interface data logger. It is a complete unit in itself to monitor tilt at any location. It features a wide operating temperature range, dependable stand-alone operation, low power consumption, compatibility with many telecommunication options, and flexibility to support a variety of measurement and control applications.

9. Model EAN-31EL, EAN-31EL-B - Electrolytic Tilt Meters & Beam Sensors:

Encardio Rite model EAN-31EL/EAN-31EL-B Electrolytic level type tilt meter/beam sensor is designed for measuring very small tilt. EAN-31EL tilt meter is suitable for monitoring small changes in inclination and vertical structure rotation at a point. It is a high-resolution tilt meter/beam sensor with rugged construction.

10. Model EAN-41M - Inbuilt Tilt Beam Sensor:

The Encardio Rite model EAN-41M beam sensor consists of a MEMS tilt sensor housed inside a beam, which can be 1 m, 2 m, or 3 m long. It is attached to the structures for monitoring any differential movement and tilting of structures.

Tiltmeter with GPRS/GSM Transmission


Model ESDL-30MT

Tiltmeter with GPRS/GSM Transmission

Tiltmeter with RF Transmission


Model EAN-95MW

Tiltmeter with RF Transmission

Analog Tilt Meter


Model EAN-90M

Analog Tilt Meter

Digital Tilt Meter


Model EAN-92M

Digital Tilt Meter

Box-Type Digital Tiltmeter


Model EAN-93M

Box-Type Digital Tiltmeter

Box-Type Analog Tilt Meter


Model EAN-91M

Box-Type Analog Tilt Meter

Tilt Beam (MEMS)


Model EAN-42M/EAN-41M (SDI-12)

Tilt Beam (MEMS)

With Inbuilt Tilt Sensor


Model EAN-42M

With Inbuilt Tilt Sensor

With Box-Type Tilt Sensor


Model EAN-93M/EAN-93M-B

With Box-Type Tilt Sensor

Electrolyic Tiltmeter & Beam Sensors


Model EAN-31EL, EAN-31EL-B

Electrolyic Tiltmeter & Beam Sensors

Portable Tiltmeter (MEMS)


Model EAN-70M

Portable Tiltmeter (MEMS)

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