Bridge Monitoring

Safety monitoring is a necessity in bridges as a bridge failure can have severe consequences in material damage and human lives. A bridge health monitoring system is thus critical and requires intensive instrumentation and sensor networking planning.

Understanding Bridge Dynamics: Metasensing for Megastructures

Bridges are not just structural marvels but also the lifelines of nations, aiding in transportation, commerce, and defense. While modern-day bridges are designed with superior materials and advanced computer modeling, these behemoths are still subjected to natural forces. Continuous and meticulous monitoring is essential to understand their real-time responses, ensuring their safety and longevity.

Comprehensive Bridge Monitoring with Encardio Rite

With an emphasis on safety and precision, Encardio Rite brings forward a robust, web-based monitoring solution tailored for bridges:

  • Advanced Instrumentation: Our suite includes in-house manufactured sensors, scour and corrosion monitoring systems, GNSS, total stations, LIDAR, INSAR, drone surveys, and more. This end-to-end technology ensures thorough bridge assessment.
  • Turnkey Services: Our expertise spans from initial instrumentation to continuous monitoring, engineering, and field services.
  • Data Integration: We pride ourselves on offering online data right to the client's desk. Proqio consolidates data from various sensors, dataloggers, drone surveys, INSAR, and more into a single database, expediting analysis and facilitating immediate actions.

The Encardio Rite Legacy

Our expertise is not just confined to newly constructed bridges. We've spearheaded monitoring existing rail and road bridges, especially when nearby construction activities could influence their structural integrity.

Parameters Monitored

To provide an exhaustive safety net, our monitoring focuses on a gamut of parameters:

  • Displacement and strain
  • Inclination and tilt
  • Force and settlement
  • Vibrations 
  • Sour and Corrosion assessments
  • External influences like wind, rain, fog, humidity, temperature, and traffic

The Value Proposition

Beyond mere structural assessment, bridge monitoring with Encardio Rite enables:

  • Enhanced understanding of structural behavior
  • Predictive insights for maintenance
  • Validation of design assumptions
  • Real-time alerts for traffic during adverse events
  • Future design improvements 

Why Bridge Monitoring Matters?

Bridge monitoring is not just about preserving a structure. It's about safeguarding lives, enhancing transportation efficiency, and fostering economic growth. It helps in:

  • Detecting and quantifying structural deformations
  • Gaining insights into the bridge's response to environmental changes
  • Planning maintenance and predicting service life
  • Implementing early warning systems during natural calamities

Join the Future of Bridge Safety

Experience the next phase of bridge monitoring with Encardio Rite—where technology, safety, and infrastructure unite for a safer tomorrow.

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