Structural Health Monitoring

Factors such as ageing, fatigue, corrosion, and climate can collectively reduce any structure’s disaster resistance ability, and can sometimes lead to partial failure or even the complete collapse of the structures. The potential for such accidents is a direct threat to the safety of both lives and properties. Structural health monitoring of existing structures is thus crucial.

Encardio Rite offers online web-based monitoring services for existing structures that may require monitoring for the following reasons:

  • Safety of old and depleted buildings and structures subject to long-term movement or degradation of materials and monuments/structures of historical importance
  • Safety of structures (buildings, monuments, bridges, existing tunnels) during nearby construction activity like construction of Metros, deep excavation for high-rise buildings, etc.
  • Safety of buildings and structures in hills and landslide-prone areas
  • Safety of existing multiple-storey buildings, hotel complexes, corporate offices, and buildings of critical importance

Encardio Rite also provides an instrumentation solution for monitoring the new construction of high-rise buildings and their foundation works. Structural Health Monitoring is required to verify the design parameters, manage construction in a safe and controlled manner, and safeguard existing buildings.


Parameters monitored

Encardio Rite offers instrumentation to measure the following parameters:

  • Deformation, settlement
  • Lateral movement, ground movements
  • Tilt, inclination
  • Displacement
  • Stress, strain, pressure
  • Load/force

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