Settlement Monitoring

Settlement monitoring is very important to evaluate the possible problems and for risk management related to ground displacement on surface or underground constructions. Settlement monitoring is used in the field of tunnelling, dams, embankments, deep excavations, foundations, retaining walls as diaphragm walls, and buildings affected by possible differential settlement.

To suit different types of applications and their accuracy requirements, Encardio Rite offers the following settlement systems:

1. Model EGS-30V - Settlement System: The EGS-30V settlement measurement system is designed for monitoring settlement infills, embankments, dams, etc. It comprises a vibrating wire sensor connected to a reservoir via a fluid-filled polyethylene sheathed twin nylon tubing. The sensor is installed in soil fill and the reservoir is mounted on firm ground.


2. Model ESM-40S - Digital Liquid Level Settlement Monitoring System: The ESM-40S high-sensitivity liquid level settlement measuring system is designed for remote measurement of minute differential settlement in tunnels, bridges, and buildings with high precision.

The system uses low-range, high-sensitivity settlement sensors with digital output, connected in series to a reference reservoir and desiccant unit via fluid-filled tubes and air vent tubes respectively.


3. Model EHOS-35 - Hydraulic Overflow Settlement Monitoring System: The model EHOS-35 hydraulic overflow settlement system is suitable for the measurement of settlement or heaves in an embankment of a dam or infills where the settlement cell (sensor) and terminal structure or observation room can be nearly at the same elevation.


4. Model EAN-61MS - 3D Settlement with Inclination Monitoring System: Encardio Rite model EAN-61MS in-place 3D inclinometer with settlement (IPIS) system is used wherever lateral movement along with settlement/heave is to be monitored in a borewell or on a structure. It finds wide application in the measurement of lateral movement and settlement in soil, earthworks, slopes, or structures like retaining/diaphragm walls, embankments, deep foundations or dams, etc. It is also very useful in monitoring landslide areas.

Digital Liquid Level Settlement Monitoring System


Model ESM-40S

Digital Liquid Level Settlement Monitoring System

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