Dam Monitoring

Several factors affect dam structure such as hydrological, geotechnical, structural, and environmental. A wide variety of geotechnical and structural instrumentation is required for dam monitoring.

Understanding Dam Dynamics

Dams are subject to many factors, including hydrological, geotechnical, structural, and environmental influences. Ensuring their safety and operational efficacy requires meticulous monitoring using diverse geotechnical and structural instrumentation.


Comprehensive Dam Monitoring with Encardio Rite

Encardio Rite, driven by the cutting-edge Metasensing approach, offers a comprehensive, efficient, and technologically advanced system for real-time dam monitoring across diverse types:

  • Advanced Instrumentation: Our arsenal encompasses geotechnical sensor technologies, dataloggers, drone-enabled surveys, automatic total stations, LIDAR, INSAR, GNSS, and more, providing an unparalleled monitoring depth.
  • Turnkey Services: Our offerings span installation, calibration, maintenance, design verification, and on-site support.
  • Data Intelligence: Harness the power of our web-based data management software. Proqio provides data intelligence from various sensors, dataloggers, drone surveys, and INSAR on one platform. Stay informed with automated, near real-time updates, ensuring stakeholders can act promptly, mitigate risks, and maintain project integrity. 

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The Encardio Rite Edge

Benefit from the trust we've earned monitoring over 250 dams. Our legacy dates back to the eighties, with experience spanning concrete gravity dams, earth and rockfill dams, roller compacted concrete (RCC) dams, and more.

Monitoring Parameters

For holistic dam safety, we monitor key parameters in dams and associated structures:

  • Water level, pressure, uplift pressure
  • Seepage, flow rates
  • Lateral movements, inclinations
  • Deformations, surface & subsurface settlements
  • Temperature fluctuations
  • Stress, strain, and load assessments


The Value Proposition

Beyond the obvious risk mitigation, monitoring dams brings forth avenues to enhance operations, champion sustainability, and shield communities from unforeseen adversities. Trust Encardio Rite to bring safety, technology, and commitment to every dam project.


Join the Future of Dam Safety

Experience the future of Metasensing for dams with Encardio Rite—where safety, technology, and communities converge.

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