Temperature Sensors

One of the most basic instruments that we use in our daily lives is temperature sensors. From thermometers and refrigerators to water heaters and air-conditioners, they all have temperature sensors in them. But, the role of temperature sensors is not just limited to domestic equipment. They are paired up with several other sensors to measure the temperature of structures, buildings, soil, and water as well.

A temperature Meter is designed to measure the internal temperature of concrete structures, soil, or water.

Encardio Rite deals with different types of temperature sensors, probes, and thermocouples that assure long-term stability, and quick and easy readout.


1. Model ETT-10V - Heavy Duty Temperature Meter: The ETT-10V consists of a magnetic, high tensile strength, stretched wire fixed to a material with different coefficients of linear expansion. Any temperature change directly affects the tension in the wire, and thus, its natural frequency of vibration.

2. Model ETT-10PT RTD - RTD Probe: The ETT-10PT RTD consists of a ceramic resistance element (Pt 100) with DIN IEC 751 (formerly DIN 43760) European curve calibration. The probe is well-suited for long-term installations due to its excellent stability and accuracy.



Thermocouple measurement consists of a thermocouple wire with two dissimilar conductors (Copper-Constantan) joined at one end to form a hot junction. This end is sealed against corrosion and placed at the required locations for temperature measurement.

The other end of the thermocouple wire is connected to a suitable thermocouple connector to form a cold junction.


Model ETT-10TH - Thermistor Probe

The ETT-10TH is specially designed for measuring the surface temperature of steel, concrete structures, and the temperature inside the concrete. This sensor also works efficiently when submerged underwater. The ETT-10TH is a low-mass waterproof temperature probe so it has a very fast response time.

Encardio Rites's digital-analog temperature meter alarms and sensors are one of the best geotechnical instruments in the market because they are:

  1. Precise, low-cost, reliable, and enduring
  2. Suitable for both surface mount and embedded applications
  3. Highly responsive and stable
  4. Waterproof with IP68 ratings
  5. Hermetically sealed by electron beam welding with a vacuum of around 1/1000 Torr inside them
  6. Suitable for remote reading, scanning as well as data logging
  7. Having excellent linearity and hysteresis
Heavyduty Temperature Meter


Model ETT-10V

Heavyduty Temperature Meter

Thermistor Probe


Model ETT-10TH

Thermistor Probe

RTD Probe


Model ETT-10PT RTD

RTD Probe

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