Strain Gauge

Strain Gauges are one of the vital geotechnical sensors that measure strain in underground cavities, tunnels, buildings, concrete, masonry dams, bridges, embedment in soil/concrete, etc. It is a resistance that varies with applied force, as it converts force, pressure, tension, weight, etc., into a change in electrical resistance that is measurable. Stress is determined as the object's internal resisting forces, and strain is defined as the displacement and deformation that occur.

Any basic strain gauge sensor consists of an insulating flexible metallic foil backing. To measure the stress, the strain gauge is attached to the object using an adhesive. The deformation in the object causes the foil to get distorted thereby, changing the electrical resistivity of the foil.

Encardio Rite is the world’s leading manufacturer and supplier of reliable, high-quality, and low-cost Strain Gauges.

1. Model EDS-11V Heavy-Duty Strain Gauge:

It provides the remote digital readout of compressive and tensile strain in dams, bridges, underground cavities, tunnels, mines, steel structures, and other areas of application where strain measurement is required. It provides significant quantitative data on the magnitude and distribution of compressive and tensile strain and its variations with time.

2. Model EDS-12V Sister Bar Strain Gauge:

It is designed for embedment and measurement of strain in concrete structures like piles, diaphragm/slurry walls, bridge abutments, tunnel lining, dams, foundations, etc. It contains a hollow bar with a vibrating wire strain gauge which is coaxially mounted inside it.

3. Model EDS-20V-AW Arc Weldable Strain Gauge:

It is made up of stainless steel and has waterproofing to prevent any entrance of water. It is designed primarily for long-term strain measurement and is suitable for surface mounting by welding on steel structures such as bridges, piles, wye sections, pressure shafts, tunnel linings, supports, etc.

4. Model EDS-20V-E  Low-Range Embedment Strain Gauge:

It is used to indirectly determine the stress and its variation with time, quantitatively. This type of strain gauge is suitable for embedment in soil or concrete. The sensor is made of stainless steel and has waterproofing to prevent any ingress of water.

5. Model EDS-20V SW Spot Weldable Strain Gauge:

It can be spot welded or epoxy bonded on steel structures and struts. It can also be epoxy bonded on concrete structures. A sensor coil housing mounted directly over the strain gage, completely encloses the sensor, forming a watertight enclosure.

6. Model EDS-21V SW High Range Arc Weldable Strain Gauge:

It is designed to measure strain in steel or on the concrete surface of the composite structure. It is suitable for surface mounting by welding on steel structures such as bridges, piles, wye sections, pressure shafts, tunnel linings support, etc.


Applications of Strain Gauges:

  1. Measure and monitor strain in concrete, rock, and steel constructions
  2. Study stress distribution in the supporting ribs of underground cavities and tunnels
  3. Determine and measure stress in concrete and masonry dams
  4. Test Wire sections
  5. Monitor stress in pressure shafts
  6. Measure strain in reinforced concrete structures, diaphragm slurry walls, concrete piles, etc.


Advantages of Encardio Rite’s Strain Gauge

  1. They are accurate, robust, and low-cost.
  2. They provide long-term stability and reliability
  3. Vibrating Wire Strain Gauge is hermetically sealed under a vacuum of 0.001 Torr, making it waterproof.
  4. They are made up of stainless steel which makes them enduring and versatile
  5. The strain gauges are ideal to be paired up with several other accessories
  6. They are fully encapsulated to protect against handling and installation damages.
Dynamic Strain Gauge


Model EDS-40D

Dynamic Strain Gauge

Arc Weldable Strain Gauge


Model EDS-20V-AW

Arc Weldable Strain Gauge

Low-range Embedment Strain Gauge


Model EDS-20V-E

Low-range Embedment Strain Gauge

Spot Weldable Strain Gauge


Model EDS-20V-SW

Spot Weldable Strain Gauge

Heavy-duty Strain Gauge


Model EDS-11V

Heavy-duty Strain Gauge

Sister Bar Strain Gauge


Model EDS-12V

Sister Bar Strain Gauge

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