Tunnel Monitoring

In constructing various types of tunnels, monitoring instruments is of utmost importance. It acts as an instrument for verifying the stability and strength of the tunnel, certifying the design, and assessing the intensity and sequence of the operations involved during construction. Instrumentation data also helps in studying the behavior of the tunnel over time, especially with respect to the rheological behaviour of the rock mass and obvious changes in the fault zones, walled sections, inflow, etc.

Encardio Rite offers a comprehensive solution for long-term safety monitoring of tunnels. From our in-house developed online web-based database system to reliable sensors, dataloggers, and advanced systems like ATS, Accelerometers, and Laser scanning, we offer end-to-end monitoring solutions for any type of tunnel, whether it is TBM, NATM, Cut & cover tunnel, or Micro tunneling.

We specialize in providing online monitoring data at the customer's desk; where we integrate data from different types of sensors installed in tunnels, surrounding ground as well as on structures within the zone of influence, into a single database system at the central server.  Data can be co-related with TBM movement and excavated material in the same database. This helps in evaluating the data faster and better to understand any warning, resulting in prompt action preventing any failure or disaster.

We have executed thousands of kilometers of tunnel providing not only instrumentation, but also working as partners for construction companies providing them optimized solutions, along with installation, monitoring, and engineering services. Our knowledge has evolved with the industry giving us an experience that is exponential. This puts us in an unmatched position in the sector.


Parameters monitored

Encardio Rite offers instrumentation to measure the following parameters:

  • Deformation, settlement
  • Lateral movement, ground movements
  • Tilt, inclination
  • Displacement
  • Stress, strain, pressure
  • Load/force

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