Metasensing in Bridge Monitoring The Encardio Rite Edge

Bridges stand as marvels of structural engineering, symbolizing connectivity and architectural brilliance. Encardio Rite, at the forefront of this domain, offers unmatched bridge monitoring solutions, ensuring these vital structures are safe functional, and enduring symbols of human progress.

Advanced Sensing Technologies for Structural Health:

At Encardio Rite, our approach is deeply rooted in advanced sensing technologies. Combining traditional geotechnical instruments with cutting-edge remote sensing methods like InSAR provides a depth of structural analysis unrivaled in the industry. Our arsenal includes high-frequency piezometers for foundation stability and advanced techniques for deformation analysis, ensuring comprehensive insights into the health of bridges.

Environmental Influence and Countermeasures:

Understanding the dynamic nature of bridge environments, we integrate meteorological monitoring into our solutions. This includes rain gauges, 3D anemometers, and environmental sensors, providing engineers with essential data to mitigate environmental impacts and adapt maintenance strategies.

Scour and Corrosion Monitoring for Longevity:

Recognizing scour and corrosion as major threats to bridge integrity, our systems offer real-time insights to identify and predict vulnerabilities. Our approach extends beyond problem identification to predictive maintenance through electromagnetic sensors and corrosion potential meters.

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High-Precision Monitoring with Fiber Optics and GNSS:

Utilizing the precision of fiber optics and GNSS, we achieve meticulous structural monitoring. This technology captures minute displacements and strains, which is essential for proactive maintenance and ensuring the bridge's longevity.

Customized Instrumentation and Monitoring Workflow:

Understanding the uniqueness of each bridge, we tailor our solutions from sensor selection to installation and data analysis. Our expertise ensures that each bridge receives a monitoring solution as unique as its design.

Global Presence and Proqio Integration:

With installation capabilities and turnkey project management across various regions, our global approach is exemplified by Proqio. Proqio, our infrastructure data intelligence platform, is the hub for project monitoring. It seamlessly integrates data from any sensor project schedule, providing digital twins, user-friendly UI/UX, custom dashboards, and automatic reporting, allowing for efficient and effective project management on a global scale. 

Comprehensive List of Services and Products:

Our comprehensive list of services and products encompasses turnkey on-site project management, installation and technical support, geotechnical support, drone surveying, Lidar, automatic total stations, fiber optic sensors, GNSS for monitoring and surveying, and various specialized instruments.

Standout Global Projects:

(a) Bogibeel Bridge Loading Phase 2018: