Metasensing in Metro Infrastructure

Empowering Urban Transportation: The Encardio Rite Way

The importance of reliable public transportation cannot be overstated in the ever-evolving urban landscapes. Encardio Rite, a dedicated leader in geotechnical, structural, and environmental monitoring, takes pride in contributing to the safety and success of metro and rail projects globally. Our commitment to metasensing, guided by the Metasensing philosophy, has ushered in a transformative era in infrastructure monitoring.

Layered Sensing: The Foundation of Modern Metro Systems

Our monitoring journey begins with a layered sensing approach, integrating advanced remote sensing technologies. This foundational layer provides a holistic understanding of urban infrastructure challenges and potential risks. Utilizing diverse survey techniques, including drones, Lidar, Automatic Total Stations, and manual surveys, we gain valuable insights into subsurface conditions crucial for effective project planning and execution.

Real-time Structural Tracking

In the dynamic urban environment, real-time tracking of structural movements is essential. Encardio Rite employs GNSS, Wireless IoT systems, and fiber optics technologies to achieve high-precision monitoring, ensuring the stability and accuracy of metro and rail infrastructures. This real-time tracking is critical in ensuring these projects’ overall safety and success.

Advanced Dataloggers and Communication Systems

To meet the demanding environments of tunnel monitoring, we have developed self-manufactured dataloggers compatible with GSM, Ethernet, and RF/Lora. These robust systems ensure seamless data flow and uninterrupted communication, providing a reliable backbone for effective project management.

Robust Geotechnical Instruments

Our portfolio of electron beam welded geotechnical instruments, including sensors like piezometers, tilt meters, and inclinometers, play a crucial role in assessing the health of structures. These instruments provide vital data for timely interventions, enhancing the safety and longevity of metro and rail infrastructure.

Global Presence and Proqio Integration

With installation capabilities and turnkey project management across various regions, our global approach is exemplified by Proqio. Proqio, our infrastructure data intelligence platform, is the hub for project monitoring. It seamlessly integrates data from any sensor project schedule, providing digital twins, user-friendly UI/UX, custom dashboards, and automatic reporting, allowing for efficient and effective project management on a global scale. 

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Comprehensive List of Services and Products

Our comprehensive list of services and products encompasses turnkey on-site project management, installation and technical support, geotechnical support, drone surveying, Lidar, automatic total stations, fiber optic sensors, GNSS for monitoring and surveying, and various specialized instruments.

Standout Global Projects

Meaningful contributions to standout global projects mark our journey:

1. Gold Line Metro Project, Qatar:

  • Project Description: The Gold Line Metro Project, part of Qatar's Integrated Rail Project, demanded high monitoring for its extensive tunnel network.
  • Encardio Rite's Role: We provided turnkey services, including supplying, installing, and monitoring various geotechnical, groundwater, and geodetic instruments. We did the complete line survey with our partners and monitored project management.
  • Outcome: Our comprehensive monitoring ensured the project's safe execution, contributing significantly to Qatar's ambitious National Vision 2030.


2. Dubai Metro: 

  • Project Scope: The Dubai Metro project, featuring the world's most extended automated driverless system, required sophisticated instrumentation for its underground sections.
  • Encardio Rite's Solutions: Our team supplied and monitored a range of geotechnical instruments, playing a vital role in the safe construction of the Red and Green Lines. We did the complete line survey with our partners and monitored project management. Proqio, our infrastructure data intelligence platform, was used on the latest line maintenance project.
  • Achievement: Our effective monitoring strategies ensured the integrity of structures and tunnels, contributing to the project's successful and timely completion.


3. Los Angeles Metro: 

  • Project Overview: The Los Angeles Metro Rail system, a sprawling network of subway and light rail lines, required meticulous monitoring to ensure the safety of its expansion projects.
  • Encardio Rite's Role: Our sister company, Rite Geosystems Inc., supplied critical instruments, including in-place inclinometers and piezometers, particularly for monitoring TBM launch shafts and underground stations. We also supplied our ESDL dataloggers and data management software.
  • Impact: These instruments provided real-time data on ground movements and water pressure, essential for maintaining the structural integrity of the tunnels.


4. Stockholm Metro Extension: 

  • Project Overview: The Stockholm metro rail network's extension involved 20 km of new track and 11 new stations, including a significant underground section.
  • Encardio Rite's Contribution: Through a regional marketing associate, we supplied vital geotechnical instruments, including inclinometers and piezometers, for hydrogeological investigations.
  • Outcome: These instruments played a crucial role in ensuring the safety and stability of the new underground tunnels during construction.


5. Downtown MRT Line, Singapore: 

  • Project Context: The construction of Rochor and Little India stations, part of Singapore's Downtown MRT Line Stage 2, was a formidable challenge due to its urban setting.
  • Encardio Rite's Solutions: Hundreds of our sensors were used for safety monitoring during construction, including 260 piezometers, 790 arc weldable strain gauges, 25 tilt meters, and 12 crack meters. We also supplied our ESDL dataloggers and software.
  • Achievement: Our comprehensive monitoring was pivotal in mitigating risks and ensuring the project's successful completion in a dense urban environment.


6. Le Grand Paris Express Metro Project: 

  • Project Overview: The Le Grand Paris Express, involving new metro lines around Paris, required extensive tunnel monitoring.
  • Encardio Rite's Contribution: We supplied over 2,000 in-place inclinometer sensors, strain gauges, pressure, and load cells for this project. We also supplied our data loggers and data management software. 
  • Impact: Our instruments provided crucial data for the safe construction and monitoring of these new metro lines, integral to Paris's transportation future.


Encardio Rite is not just about monitoring; it's about creating safer, more efficient urban landscapes. Our commitment to metasensing and extensive experience make us one of the most reliable partners for metro and rail infrastructure projects worldwide. 

Join us on this transformative journey as we continue redefining infrastructure monitoring standards and contributing to the sustainable development of urban transportation systems across the globe.


Common List of Services and Products Used

  • On-Site Project Management 
  • Installation and Technical Support 
  • Geotechnical Support 
  • Surveying using Drones, Lidar, Automatic Total Stations, and more 
  • Fiber Optic Sensors 
  • GNSS for monitoring and surveying 
  • Dristhi (Proqio) 
  • ESDL 30 Node + Gateway Datalogger to integrate 186 Sensors 
  • Wireless RF LoRa data logging System
  • In-Place Inclinometers 
  • In-place inclinometers with Settlement
  • Piezometers (Rugged and Slim Models) 
  • Arc Weldable Strain Gauges 
  • Tilt Meters 
  • Crack Meters 
  • Load Cells 
  • Pressure Cells 
  • Multi-Point Borehole Extensometers 
  • Automatic Water Level Recorders 
  • VW Piezometers 
  • Surface Settlement Points 
  • Magnetic Extensometers 
  • Building Settlement Points 
  • Prism Targets 
  • Vibration Monitoring Devices
  • Remote Sensing

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