Our Chairman Mr. Amod Gujral Addresses The International Symposium

When I was first asked to speak to this distinguished audience, I was quite concerned. What could I possibly say to a room full of individuals – comprising industry stalwarts, academicians, innovators and engineers – that have given such a wonderful shape to this Industry. Over the course of the symposium, you have heard about the great innovations and advancements in our industry. You have heard about projects and you have heard about products – So what can I possibly share that will add value to you?

As one of – probably the only two- eighty year olds in the room, what I really can talk to you about is something that is unique to me. These are the experiences that I have collected along this journey, the learnings I have gained and what I have been able to do with some of these. I hope there is something of value that you can take away from this.

My career started in the late 1950’s. I had recently completed my post-graduation at MIT and was working in the US. India as an Independent country was just about a decade old and there was a spirit to contribute towards nation building. Those of us that had been fortunate to benefit from quality education and international exposure were deeply drawn by a sense of duty and purpose. As I was to see upon my return, I was not alone. There were Doctors, Management Professionals, Engineers, Scientists – that dedicated themselves to this purpose.

This was my first and most important learning – when people are united by a purpose that connects them and one that they believe in – anything is possible.

As we started building Encardio Rite, this purpose was core to everything that we did. We were driven by the overwhelming need “of keeping people and structures safe”. The people that came together in the small town of India that we are headquartered in, were oblivious to any challenges or difficulties that came their way – they were after all driven by pure purpose.

And there were many challenges. As every one of you in this room would validate, the only certainty of any project is an unforeseen challenge. And what good is an Engineer without a challenge to face and a problem to solve? I remember our work at the One Zabeel Centre in Dubai – what incredible complexity on the face of it – Imagine a 230 meter long cantilevered bridge that weighs more than the Eiffel Tower to be lifted over a 100 meters (under which happens to be a crucial and busy overpass) and then this connects two buildings – each of different height…. No suspense here – the project was successfully completed and is a prominent visual landmark of Dubai. The project may be over, but the learning has been eternal.

So, Learning Number 2. Sometimes resourcefulness is more important than resources.

Resourcefulness is the mindset that we apply when faced with a problem. We don’t exist to solve problems; we are here to create solutions. The difference here really is that when we solve a problem, it’s a fix for today. When we create a solution, we are doing this for times to come. When we installed Electron Beam Welding at our facilities, it wasn’t the need of a single project – to ensure zero error in applications where water ingress was inevitable – it was a solution that would serve us and our customers for times to come.

Which brings us to Customers. When you have been around as long as I have, you see all shades of customers. From construction companies to asset owners to Governments – there is one sacred truth about all customers – they are the ones that allow us to live our purpose. Today we are able to keep people and structures safe, because they have given us the opportunity to do so. Encardio Rite has deployed hundreds of thousands of sensors – without the presence of a customer, we wouldn’t have been able to deploy even one. It is our customers that gave us the opportunity to install Deep underwater sensors at Montgomery Locks and Dam in the United States. It was our customers that gave us the space to work on the longest and deepest sewage tunnel in the world, the Longest train tunnel in India in the most challenging mountain terrain, the Longest highway single-tube tunnel in the world at 10,000 feet, Asia’s tallest earth dam, a double curvature arch dam, ensure the longevity of old heritage buildings, the structural integrity of installations like seaports and partner in the construction of 250 km of metro tunnels around the world.

This brought me to my learning number 3 – when someone gives us such an awesome opportunity to be able to do what we do best – we must reciprocate with responsibility.

At Encardio Rite, we have been guided by this principle to always serve the highest interests of the customer – Our state-of-the-art in-house manufacturing and calibration facilities are equipped with the best tools and technology, including electron beam welding and load cell calibration facilities up to 15,000 kN. Most of our products are available ex-stock or within the shortest delivery times because of our large production facility and inventory carrying capacity.

And if we do want to serve the greatest interest of the customer, we must adopt and own their needs. We should go beyond the confines and limitations of our own specific areas of operations and do whatever it takes to give them the benefit that they seek – this may need acquiring or building skills, capacity, competencies, partnerships – in the end we must meet the customer’s needs.

Which brings me to my fourth learning – When it comes to the safety of structures, there is one need that takes precedence over all others – the need to know.

This Knowledge is not limited to a single dimension of information or data alone. Knowledge gains power as information combines with experience and develops into expertise.
When this expertise is coded into actionable structural intelligence using software, a new matrix of knowledge emerges – that brings with it safety and certainty.

At Encardio Rite, we call it Metasensing.

With Metasensing, we are able to deliver data, expertise and technology, ensuring the safety of structures, keeping you in control – anytime, anywhere.
This is done physically – through the data measured by our Cross Application Multi Parameter sensors.
Digitally by the seamless transfer of data via our datalogger and transmitters using various frequencies.
Experientially by the global presence of our experienced and qualified engineers providing on ground assistance when and where required.
Technologically by our nextgen software that integrates physical inputs, design intelligence and real time environmental occurrences to deliver predictive alerts and actionable intelligence.
Through the concept of Metasensing we are able to give our customers absolute and total control over the safety of their structures.
There is one more lesson, and that’s perhaps not just relevant to this industry – it is always relevant. This is perhaps my greatest life lesson.

And that is – you can’t get anywhere alone – There is an old African saying that “it takes a village to raise a child”. As far as I’m concerned, it’s taken more than that! I have been blessed by interactions and learnings from Colleagues, partners, customers, people in the industry. People have enriched my life and helped us reach where we are today. At Encardio Rite, we have people that have worked with us for over 40 years and many that have been connected to our purpose for well over 20 years. We have people with diverse skills and rich experience – they come from India, Sri Lanka, USA , UK , Greece, Macedonia, Spain, Nepal, Bangladesh and the Emirates – Each one of them augments our culture and gives us precious learnings.

As I look across this room itself, I see many friends – some are customers, some have been competitors and some are collaborators – through our interactions each one has helped me learn all along my journey. I take this opportunity to thank you.

It is only through this incredible collaboration and connectivity that I as an individual, Encardio Rite as a company and all of us an industry have kept growing.

So take some advice from this sage old man – keep talking, keep learning and keep growing.

Thank you very much.

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