Proficient Water Level Monitoring with Encardio Rite: 8000+ Boreholes Monitored in India Alone

Groundwater, a precious global resource, plays a pivotal role in sustaining life and various industries. To ensure its efficient management, continuous monitoring of groundwater levels and pore pressure is indispensable. In this regard, automated real-time monitoring systems have emerged as the preferred choice for accurate and efficient data collection. Among the frontrunners in this field is Encardio Rite, a company with an impressive track record of monitoring over 8,000 boreholes in India alone.


Why Monitor Groundwater?


Before delving into the proficiency of Encardio Rite's water level monitoring solutions, it's essential to understand the significance of groundwater monitoring. Groundwater monitoring serves two primary purposes: hydrology and geotechnicals. During construction projects, it becomes crucial to track groundwater levels and pore pressure for both safety and logistical reasons.


(a) Parameters Monitored: Monitoring groundwater involves tracking various parameters such as pore pressure, groundwater level, groundwater table mapping, water temperature, and rainfall. Accurate data collection in real-time is the key to effective groundwater management.


(b) Real-time Monitoring Products: Encardio Rite offers an array of products designed to meet the diverse needs of groundwater monitoring. Their automatic water level monitoring systems, piezometers, rain gauges, digital data loggers, and integrated software are renowned for providing real-time data and instant alarms to stakeholders. This real-time information ensures timely decision-making and intervention when necessary.


(c) Manual Monitoring: In situations where manual monitoring is preferred or required, Encardio Rite offers options like Casagrande piezometers, open standpipes, dip meters, or water-level sounders. These manual tools are designed to provide accurate measurements, ensuring that monitoring is never compromised.


Casagrande Piezometers


(d) Pore Pressure & Groundwater Level Monitoring (Geotechnical): For large civil engineering projects, monitoring pore water pressure is paramount. This is particularly crucial during construction, where groundwater extraction must be meticulously managed to ensure the safety and progress of the project. Encardio Rite's piezometers come into play here, effectively measuring both pore water pressure and groundwater level.


Open Standpipes


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How Piezometers Measure Pore Water Pressure and Groundwater Table:


Piezometers are the go-to tools for monitoring pore water pressure and groundwater levels. Encardio Rite's vibrating wire piezometers are renowned for their reliability. They can be sealed or opened, depending on the monitoring requirements. Sealed piezometers respond only to changes in pore water pressure in a local zone, while open piezometers react to changes in groundwater pressure throughout their depth.


Dip Meters 


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Installation of Piezometers:


Piezometers can be installed in observation wells with perforated pipe sections at the bottom to monitor groundwater levels accurately. For pore water pressure monitoring, they can be sealed inside boreholes using grout, ensuring that the measurements remain precise.


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Factors Affecting Correct Water Level Measurement:


Several factors, such as atmospheric pressure, specific gravity of water, and temperature drift, can influence water level measurements. Encardio Rite's automated monitoring systems are equipped to compensate for these factors, ensuring that the data collected is highly accurate and reliable.


(i) Groundwater Table Mapping (Hydrology): In the field of hydrogeology, monitoring the groundwater table is vital. Observation wells equipped with water level sensors are the primary data sources for mapping groundwater tables. Accurate data collection from these wells helps hydrogeologists make informed decisions about groundwater management.


(ii) Automatic Groundwater Monitoring System: One of Encardio Rite's standout products is the EWLR-101 automatic water level monitoring system. It comprises pressure sensors, data loggers, temperature sensors, and barometric pressure sensors. This advanced system corrects measurements for factors like atmospheric pressure and specific gravity, ensuring the highest level of precision.


(iii) Data Collection and Presentation: Encardio Rite goes beyond providing monitoring equipment. They offer advanced data loggers and database management systems for seamless data collection, archiving, processing, and presentation. Stakeholders can access the data remotely and view it in graphical forms, making interpretation a breeze. Furthermore, alarm limits can be set to trigger alerts when monitored parameters exceed preset thresholds, allowing for proactive responses.




Encardio Rite's proficiency in water level monitoring is underscored by its extensive experience in monitoring over 8000 boreholes in India alone. With a range of cutting-edge monitoring solutions and a commitment to accuracy and reliability, they continue to play a vital role in safeguarding this invaluable natural resource. Groundwater monitoring is a crucial aspect of responsible resource management, and Encardio Rite stands as a reliable partner in this endeavor.


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