At Encardio Rite we believe that our expertise is a strong value multiplier for our clients and our partners. The team at Encardio Rite comprises experts across every industry domainand is located across the globe to provide greater local support.

Amod Gujral


Arushi Bhalla

Managing Director

Amit Gujral


Rathin Mathur

President Strategy, Growth and Culture

Ritvick B.

Innovation and Growth Manager

Madhukar Saran

Vice President- Production

Prateek Mehrotra

Vice President- Technical

Manish Mehta

Vice President- Marketing

Keshav Lal Gupta

Vice President- Finance

Dr. Melih Demirkan


Amit Ranjan

General Manager

Nikolas Papageorgiou

AGM - Europe Business Development

Jose Berrio

Manager - England Business Development

Arvind Gond

Head-R&D Electronics

Roberto Prado

Chief Product Officer, Spain

Jorge Martínez

Business Development Manager - Europe, LatAm

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