Coal and Iron Yard Steel Plant

Coal and Iron Yard/Steel Plant

Coal and Iron Yard Steel Plant

ThyssenKrupp CSA Companhia Siderúrgica do Atlântico have one of the largest automated instrumentation project in Latin America. Monitoring was done for Iron ore yard S/R 401,402 & 403 and Coal yard S/R 201, Coal yard S/R 202.

Encardio-rite’s scope of work included supply and installation of instrumentation for ‘Monitoring Program Slab Storage Area’, which was planned for the operation phase of the steel plant. The purpose was to implement geotechnical instrumentation and automatic data collection to monitor the behavior of the ground within the Slab Storage area with respect to deformation and pore water pressure during the storage of slabs. 

Instrumentation included In-place inclinometer systems with automated data collection. The automatic measurements will be done in an interval of 1 hour during the first 12 months after the start of slab storage; after that: daily readings.

Encardio-rite also provided installation services and deputed an experienced engineer. Our Engineer and Marketing Associate, Terratek Ltd. in Brazil completed the installation and commissioning services satisfactorily.

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