Pinalito Hydroelectric Project

Pinalito Hydroelectric Project

Pinalito Hydroelectric Project

The 50 MW Pinalito hydroelectric Power Plant was built by Odebrecht for the Corporación Dominicana de Electricidad. The scheme included a 57 m high and 210 m in the crown dam, a reservoir, an open-air hydroelectric central with two generation units of 25 MW each, a sub-station two 10 km long water intake tunnels, and water distribution pipes.

DMS Co-ordinates: 18˚54'59.05"N, 70˚37'32.53"W

DD Co-ordinates: 18.916403, -70.625702 

  • Type of dam:  RCC Dam
  • River:  Tireo
  • Height of dam:  57 m
  • Length of dam:  210 m
  • Start of Project:  2004
  • End of Project:  2008

Encardio-rite supplied a comprehensive range of instrumentation for the risk assessment monitoring during constructions works. Instrumentation included:

  • Temperature meter
  • Piezometer
  • Seepage monitoring system
  • Borehole extensometer (2-point and 3-point electrical), with vw displacement sensors
  • Readout units
  • Digital tape extensometer

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