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Comprehensive Turnkey Project Services by Encardio Rite


Transforming your Infrastructure into Reality with Data, Expertise and Technology

At Encardio Rite, we offer full-spectrum turnkey project services designed to cater to the unique needs of construction, geotechnical, structural health, and environmental monitoring. Our services encompass every aspect of project management, ensuring unparalleled precision, reliability, safety, and efficiency for the entire infrastructure cycle.


Our Suite of Turnkey Project Services: 

[Available in the Indian Subcontinent, Middle East, Mexico, and United States of America]

  • Project Management: Our team of seasoned project teams is dedicated to delivering projects on time and within budget, leveraging their expertise to oversee every project detail meticulously.
  • Installation Services: We offer comprehensive installation services for a wide range of monitoring systems, ensuring seamless integration and optimal functionality.
  • Surveying Solutions: Utilizing cutting-edge technology, in-house or through strategic partnerships, we provide precise surveying services, including Drones, GNSS, LiDar, Scanners, Radar, and more.
  • Data Reporting: We transform complex data into actionable insights, providing detailed, easy-to-understand reports that empower decision-making.
  • Technical Support: Our technical support team is always ready to assist, ensuring your projects run smoothly with minimal downtime.
  • Project Engineering Assistance: From quotations to client meetings, our project engineers provide expert guidance to tailor our solutions to your specific needs.
  • On-ground Engineer Support: Our global network of skilled engineers is at your service, offering on-site assistance and ensuring the success of your project.


Leading with Advanced Technology Stack:

[Available Worldwide]

  • Geotechnical & Structural Health Monitoring Sensors: Our robust electron beam welded sensors are designed for precision and durability and are suitable for various monitoring applications.
  • Fiber Optic Sensors: Utilizing the latest fiber optic technology, we offer sensors that provide high accuracy and sensitivity for diverse monitoring needs.
  • Environmental Sensors: Monitor and analyze environmental parameters with our state-of-the-art sensors, ensuring safety and compliance.
  • Scour and Corrosion Monitoring Sensors: Protect your structures with our advanced sensors that detect and monitor scour and corrosion, which are critical for infrastructure health.
  • IoT Dataloggers: Our NexaWave Dataloggers ensure efficient data collection and management, offering plug-and-play convenience and robust performance.
  • Communication Systems: Stay connected with our reliable communication systems for seamless data transmission.
  • Proqio – The Infrastructure Data Intelligence Platform: Revolutionize decision-making with Proqio, offering real-time data-driven insights for proactive infrastructure management.
  • Remote Sensing: Leverage advanced remote sensing technologies such as Insar for comprehensive monitoring and analysis.
  • Survey Equipment: Our extensive range of survey equipment, including Drones, ATS, GNSS, LiDar, Scanners, and Radar, ensures precise and accurate data collection.
  • Customizable, adaptable Technology: We work with our partners to provide any technology or service in addition to the ones mentioned above to fulfill your project needs. 


Encardio Rite: Pioneering Monitoring Excellence

Partner with Encardio Rite to harness the power of metasensing technology and services for your projects. Contact us today to learn how we can support your next venture with our comprehensive turnkey project services.


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