2023: A Year of Exponential Progress at Encardio Rite

Lenin once said, “For decades, nothing has happened. And then in weeks, decades happen.” 2023 was that kind of a year. As we close the chapter on 2023, it's time to reflect on a year marked by transformative changes and exponential growth at Encardio Rite. Our values of commitment, oneness, respect, and ownership centered around the philosophy of Metasensing for Megastructures have been core to us while we took on the largest infrastructure project in the world, established reach in every continent, built the next generation of wireless dataloggers for our industry, developed competencies for remote sensing and are on the verge of launching the most disruptive software platform that we believe our Industry has been waiting for. Embracing the ethos of #VisionX, we've committed ourselves to revolutionizing global asset safety standards and expanding our influence globally.

Global Reach and Impact